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EA Sports has a pretty decent gift for you lot — Madden NFL Mobile. We’ve had our teeth to sink into it and ascertain whether this is the pigskin simulator that tablet computer or your mobile deserves, and here’s our

Yet while Madden NFL Mobile is a lot less restrictive than last year’s release, it does have an energy meter that can run out. And of course you will need to wait for it to fill up in order to play with even more.

It’s not the worst I Have seen as the meter does get larger when you level-up, and it’s potential to play full games in the season for a cost that is reasonable. But you will run out and have to wait eventually.

Madden NFL Mobile has come a ways, but it feels like it could go somewhat further. It’s absolutely worth a look if you’re a devotee, but it is likely not going to rock your world.

Player models are maybe most significant, and they’re given appropriate justice here.

Animation of these models are done quite smoothly. The game looks and feels just as you’d expect it to, from the throwing movement of a QB to some kicker swinging his leg to nail a field goal. The setting you’re encompassed by — an arena that’s assumed be high in tens of thousands of people — doesn’t quite give you that gladiator feel of an actual NFL arena, but a modestly animated crowd with the sound effects to match unquestionably go toward providing a “football feel.”

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Save your madden mobile coins. This year’s variation of the game is more generous than ever with coins, and while there’s a powerful temptation to spend them on packs to take a shot at an Elite player, there are all those other methods to obtain players that you’re better off saving them for special offers in the Store or for use in the Auction House to spend on players or collectibles you actually want.
If you might have an unneeded player, check every Set if there’s a place for him to see. Completing Sets can get you some extremely nice rewards, so use them to fill Sets out first before you use Fast sell or Sell extra players away.
Rate kills. Definitely contemplate if other attributes are relatively identical using quicker players at HB, WR, KR and PR.

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