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Borderlands Game

The first version of Borderlands was such a great game released three years ago. Some of the features that made it interesting include the oddball characters, diverse missions, hostile creatures, the skill trees and not forgetting the first-person shooter. Although the novelty isn’t there in Borderlands 2 game, all the key elements are still there and even better than before. This game is entertaining and addictive. You will spend numerous hours playing and enjoying it. The Borderlands 2 game review presented below will highlight other notable aspects of the game.


Unlike the original game version, Borderlands 2 game has more entertaining characters. The familiar faces of the game include Moxxi, Claptrap, Scooter as well as the playable characters from the original version. New additions include Tiny Tina, and Handsome Jack, the arrogant antagonist. Hence, it is clear that Borderlands 2 is an improved and more entertaining version with diverse characters. The game’s writing is excellent, with surprisingly tender moments coupled with funny lines. The personalities of different characters make the game adventurous and liven up Pandora. The only shortcoming to the game’s communication is the tendency of other incoming messages to cut off conversions before you get to hear them through. However, this drawback does not deter the game from progressing.

Game Review

Borderlands 2 game review is positive on exploration. The Pandora environments are diverse and vibrant with clever details and a rich color palette. Sometimes when you are changing to new areas, the textures tend to load sluggishly to give a rough look. This sluggish appearance is still visually appealing. If you are a diligent explorer, you are sure of experiencing amusing sights and lovely vista. The writing humor is also evident in the game’s environmental design.

Just like the first version, the main objective of Borderlands 2 game is to take your enemies down. A useful tip that will help you achieve this mission and emerge victorious is choosing the fancy elemental weapons. These weapons will help you take down multiple enemies. They will also strengthen you and increase your speed. A fire-emitting shotgun in combination with other weapons will give you crowd control and allow you to navigate to the next threats promptly. Although your instincts might tell you to choose a gun with most damage and least sway, keep in mind that elemental weapons are the most powerful creations of Borderlands 2

From the Borderland 2 game reviews given by different users, this game will give you a lengthy adventure that becomes better when you incorporate friends. Through double-player split screen mode, you can join other players online. The online game can accommodate up to four different players at a given time. There is a small icon to denote how you match up to other potential players. The experience is more fun and fulfilling when you play with an opponent who is close to your level. Playing with friends is the best experience since you get better rewards, trading mechanics, and optimal excitement.

Based on the Borderlands 2 game review presented, it is clear that this is a fun game and the best game to indulge in during your free time.

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